Forensic Expert Witness Services

Forensic Expert Witness Services

Braintrust® provides TBI and behavioral health Work Capacity Evaluation (WCE) services for law firms across the United States. Work Capacity Evaluations expand on traditional vocational evaluations and involve cognitive, behavioral, and performance-based assessments.

A WCE will establish the functional integrity of a client’s cognitive and behavioral systems that support participation at work, in the home, and in the community.  Move past traditional forensic vocational evaluations to a forensic WCE that includes:

  • Normed and performance-based memory, attention, and executive function evaluation measures
  • Construction of a comprehensive occupational neurorehabilitation treatment plan (to guide Life Care Planning estimates)
  • Estimates of effect on lifetime earning capacity to facilitate forensic economist forecasting

With strong clinical and forensic partnerships across Northern Colorado and the U.S., Braintrust® is a “One Stop Shop” to connect clients and firms with a variety of TBI-experienced forensic providers, including TBI neuropsychology, TBI neuro-optometry, and TBI forensic psychology.  Additionally, Dr. Dodson partners with physical Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) experts on a nationwide basis in complex polytrauma cases involving brain and musculoskeletal/spinal cord comorbidities.

Dr. Matthew Dodson, the founder of Braintrust® Services, is an occupational therapist with over fifteen years of experience in rehabilitation at patient care, administration, and consulting levels. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado and providing a variety of services across North America both in-person and virtually, you can read more about his background in civilian and military healthcare here.