Workshops, clinical mentorship, and program development consulting

Clinical Training Workshops and Inservices

We pride ourselves on providing training content that has “next day applicability,” meaning that we prioritize knowledge and tools that can be implemented the next day in the clinic or workplace. Dr. Dodson and Braintrust® provide exceptional value by designing customized training to diverse groups of professionals addressing brain injury, concussion, and cognitive rehabilitation. In over 50 professional presentations and 2-day workshops across the US and Canada, we have trained hundreds of professionals ranging from therapists and psychologists to program administrators with topical, evidenced-supported content. Reach out to Braintrust® today to learn how our training packages can improve your effectiveness and impact on client lives. References from programs who have received training services are gladly shared!

Clinical Mentorship

Dr. Dodson provides virtual clinical mentorship to both novice and advanced clinicians internationally. Fully customized 1-on-1 or small group clinical mentorship services address your clinical evaluation and treatment needs and help you develop into an expert in your own right! Mentorship areas include topics such as:

  • Designing and implementing evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation evaluation and treatments
  • Building return to work capacity evaluation and treatment into your clinical programming
  • Incorporation of advanced clinical practice tools addressing Cognitive Lifestyle Redesign; Frustration Tolerance Training; client educational models & tools; Return to Work evaluation and treatment tools; etc.

Please reach out and ask to speak with professionals that Dr. Dodson has mentored, as they can confirm the value of investing in being a mentee.

Program Development and Effectiveness Consulting

Now more than ever, both for- and non-profit organizations are being asked to provide evidence of their effectiveness. Braintrust® has an extensive track record of assisting civilian and military health care programs in demonstrating their efficacy. Whether your program needs help from the ground up to generate a mission statement and objectives or to identify and measure meaningful population outcomes, we can help you demonstrate your organization’s unique value to its funders and stakeholders … just like we’ve done for over 35 other professional health care programs.

Dr. Matthew Dodson, the founder of Braintrust® Services, is an occupational therapist with over fifteen years of experience in rehabilitation at patient care, administration, and consulting levels. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado and providing a variety of services across North America both in-person and virtually, you can read more about his background in civilian and military healthcare here.